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Before you discard your furniture

From time to time things can go wrong with your upholstery. If its stitching that starts to come undone. This can be fixed by hand in your home using invisible stitching that repairs the problem and your furniture will look like there was nothing ever wrong with it.

A spring, or the webbing, can break. Again this can be fixed in your home without the need to have your furniture removed for expensive repairs.

Your cushions can start to sag or go flat, these can also be re-stuffed in your home without the need to buy expensive new cushions

The frame of your settee or armchair can break, or come loose. Dependent on what the problem is, most times repairs can take place in your home - saving you the upheaval of having to have your sofa or chair removed for repairs.

If your reclining chair or sofa has stopped working then I can normally repair in your home.

Just want your dining chairs re-covered in new material? The chairs will need taking away but the cost is minimal.

To contact us phone either 01246 290098 or 07711 514239 or email paul@furniture-leather-repairs.co.uk