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For antique furniture

French polishing, developed in France, in the early 18th century, is a technique of coating wood with a solution consisting of Shellac dissolved in alcohol. The solution is applied to the wood surface using a polishing rubber; a piece of cloth and cotton wool or wadding to form a pad which can easily be held in the hand. This is a slow and time consuming method that enhances the grain and appearance of the wood and results in one of the best looking finishes available.

French polishing will also protect the wood from everyday use. However the finish is not very durable and can easily mark with use. Although the finish can easily be revived and re polished this type of finish is mainly reserved for antiques these days.

As times have changed more durable, harder wearing and a wider range of finishes have been developed to meet the ever-increasing demands of both customers and manufacturers of furniture.

For modern furniture

Over the years Paul has developed his skills in applying numerous different types of finishes from traditional French polishing.

To hand polishing, using more durable and hardwearing lacquers, oil and wax based finishes. Modern spray finishing of various water-based lacquer finishes as well as solid colours and different spray effects. Brush paint effects such as shabby chic, distressed, etc.

As well as various other skills needed to restore furniture, such as reviving finishes, repairing damage to existing finishes and colour matching.

Table re coloured and polished

French polished dining table

Table re coloured and repolished to bring the wood back to its original appearance.

"So pleased with how the table looks and the polite and friendly service."
Mrs M. Dronfield.

Priory display cabinet polished

Polished wall cabinet

Priory dining table polished

Polished Priory dining table

Priory tables and chairs restored back to their former glory with new upholstery on the chairs.
The Priory wall display unit had marks and chips touched up and repolished on site at the customer's home.

"Delighted with the workmanship and price of work."
Mrs B. Dronfield

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